Products You Can Purchase To Lead A More Eco-Friendly Life

Published on 01/03/2021
Products You Can Purchase To Lead A More Eco Friendly Life

Products You Can Purchase To Lead A More Eco-Friendly Life

These days, it can be somewhat challenging to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s not easy avoiding plastic and the like seeing as most items in any store are wrapped in it or made of it. All the same, there are ways you can put in a little effort and give your home a small sustainable boost. These products are excellent ones to buy if you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint. Of course, you don’t need to go above and beyond your means and capabilities. Do what you can – anything is better than nothing, after all. Every little bit counts! So, if you’re someone who’s looking for some items to help you live a greener life, check out this list.

Reusable Food Huggers

These silicone food covers are made to use over fruits veggies or anything else you want to keep fresh. You won’t be needing plastic wrap for your produce any more! The best part about this item is that it’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You won’t have to worry about washing them by hand. They come in a set of 3-5 covers and can be a great gift to give as well.

Dryer Balls

Instead of buying disposable dryer sheets (that actually harm your dryer), buy a pack of dryer balls. Other than the fact that they’re reusable, they can help cut down on drying time! So you’ll be saving on electricity as well! Of course, they’re inexpensive, so you’ll be saving money too.

Silicone Food Storage Bags

This product is the perfect replacement for plastic ziplock bags. These bags come in a variety of sizes (and colors!) to fit all your packing needs. They’re perfect for storing sandwiches and snacks both at home and on the go. Naturally, these bags are durable and completely washable. The best part? They can handle hot temperatures as well! Plastic bags could never.

Mesh Produce Bags

When shopping at the supermarket, we sometimes feel a little guilty for using those plastic bags, but what else can we store our fresh produce in without making a mess? The answer is, of course, reusable mesh bags. You can purchase a set of 9 on Amazon. Stocking up on these will eliminate your need to use those pesky plastic bags while shopping for fruits and veggies.

Metal Straws

Come on, you knew this was coming. All the same, we couldn’t go through the list without mentioning reusable straws. If you’re someone who just has to use straws either at home or when dining out, get a pack of metal ones! They’re easier to clean than you realize – they come with a brush that will make it a breeze. Of course, they’re worlds better to use than plastic ones. Not to mention, they’re the perfect replacement for those who need to use straws.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It might be convenient to grab any plastic water bottle while on the go, but as you probably know, it’s not very good for the environment. Instead of doing that, buy yourself a good reusable water bottle you can just refill. If you don’t want to spend too much, don’t worry – there are plenty of affordable options out there. You don’t need to shell out $50 or more on a bottle for it to be good.


We all like using paper towels in the kitchen, it’s no secret. They’re convenient, that’s for sure. But they aren’t the best option, as you’ve probably guessed. So, buy yourself a set of reusable dishcloths to save yourself from using a bunch of paper towels each time you cook or clean. They work amazingly on countertops, veggies, and dishes. And – of course – you can use them time and time again.