How To Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

Published on 01/04/2023

Dog-friendly and still stylish living – is that even possible? Of course! We have 5 tips for you on how you can furnish your apartment tastefully and dog-friendly at the same time, despite having four-legged roommates. This is how living with a dog is finally becoming modern in terms of looks.

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How To Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

Living With A Dog: Dog-Friendly Flooring

Taps, taps, taps – if the dog runs around on hard floors, the clicking of its paws can be really annoying in the long run. A carpet can help here – it not only makes the apartment more comfortable and therefore more homely, but also relaxes your dog’s paws. It also picks up dirt and flying dog hair, which you can easily vacuum off. Make sure that the carpet is easy to care for and not too light so that dirty dog paws are not directly visible.

Stylish Retreat

Even if your dog likes to make you comfortable on your sofa or the carpet, he should have his own retreat. Here he can retreat and watch what is happening in his pack in peace. There are now some eye-catching sleeping options for dogs – including cool dog beds that you can even have your dog’s name embroidered or stylish dog cushions that your four-legged friend can really stretch out on and that integrate perfectly into your living style.

Nice Dog Toy

Every dog owner knows it: Scattered drooling or gnawing on dog toys, which are often not particularly original, as far as the apartment can reach. There is a large selection of stylish dog toys! These include funny stuffed animals or intelligent toys with a wood look that also promote the dog’s spirit.

Dog Accessories As Home Accessories

Not only the dog bed can be a beautiful home accessory, food bowls can also look very tasteful and be practical at the same time. After all, the bowl – at least the water bowl – must be accessible to the dog at all times, which is why it is obviously in the apartment and should be chosen carefully. A nice eye-catcher are, for example, double bowls or feeding bowls with a wood look. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also practical at the same time, as the bowls can be removed and cleaned easily.

Storage Boxes For More Order

Food cans are ideal for storing dog food and treats in a durable manner. Not only do they keep the food fresh, but they also look nice and make your home look tidier. In addition, they are much more practical to use.