Trending Home Design Tips

Published on 06/28/2020

Design trends in all their appeal and excitement are ever-changing but that does not mean that the old trends go out of style or are simply unstylish, the great thing about switching it up at home is that the feel is timeless. These new trends will bring an elegant yet homey feel into your home and keep you up to date with the latest. Home trends are designed in order to elevate your home and take the feel to something unique to you.

Window Seat

Trending Home Design Tips

Hardworking Storage Wall

This is a fabulous way to incorporate a light and somewhat iridescent feel in your kitchen, leave the upper kitchen cupboards and opt for a hardworking storage wall. The look is unique and allows you to position appliances as you wish, you do lose a bit of storage space but it makes a huge difference in appearance.


many have been choosing chrome as a go-to in their kitchens and bathrooms but brass is an option that should be given more credited. The bold brass can be used in kitchens in light fixtures, open shelves, and cabinet hardware- it adds a little glam and texture to your kitchen. The same can be done in bathrooms with brass finishings.

Dining table In The Kitchen

Kitchen islands are trending big time, and so is eating at them but the issue is that seating is only on one side of the island. Thus, bringing a table into the picture is a great way to give more of a sense of unity and togetherness when eating.

Island On Wheels

This versatile piece of design is a game-changer in any home, you can swap over from your kitchen island to a buffet table when posting in a second. The idea is what modern home design is all about.