These Are The Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2021

Published on 06/01/2021

Do you want to change up your apartment and add some nice stylish designs and accessories? Then continue reading, because in this article you will find the best interior design tips and tricks, that will add style and chic to your apartment.

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These Are The Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2021


Big, Colorful and Exiting

Minimalism is in the past. The new way to style your apartment is with maximalist. You can really go crazy. Colorful walls, big mirrors, mix and match patterns. Everything that your heart desires. The color turquoise as well as big mirrors and colorful pillows and blankets are super cute and in style now. So if you like it hectic and with a lot of different styles combined, you should definitely give this new styling trend a try!

Pattern Match

Are you a big fan of stripes, but also a big fan of check? Yeah we know usually you shouldn’t mix stripes and check, but this changed this year. If you check out fashion magazines, home decor magazines or even the interior design of celebrity’s places, you will see the mixture of stripes and checks. For some inspiration, you can have a striped wallpaper matched with a check patterned couch. Or maybe some cute check curtains will make it for you! Let your inspiration flowing and find the best stripe, check match.

Sculpture Furniture

No matter if it is a candle in form of a body or a big lamp in form of a Greek sculpture. Sculptures in the form of furniture are super popular right now and can be found in every store. No matter if it is an abstract sculpture, a craft modern abstract or a cute antique sculpture, they will style up your apartment immediately. And the best thing is you only have to place it and voilà your place just styled up. Cute pieces can be found on sites such as “eBay” or “”.

Earth and Grounded Shades

There are many trends, going around in the interior design industry right now. While we talked about the colorful and loud maximalist style, the total opposite is also seen in many interior design magazines right now. Earthy and grounded shades. If color and patterns are not your style, you should definitely go with this trend. Use colors such as gray, beige, white, blue, olive green etc. The colors will create a clean and calming environment. You can also play with plants and flowers to keep it fun and playful.


Are you in the mood for a Safari or for a nice nature atmosphere. You can get that easier than you might think! How? Wallpapers. Wallpapers are the new home decor trend. Just choose your new wall trend and you can easily stick it to your wall. And once you had enough of the current style, you can just change it up. So what do you think about some elephants in your living room? Or some flowers in your bedroom? And children are also big fans of this home decor trend! I mean what is better for a child than to have some cute zebras or baby elephant on their walls.