Prepare Your House For Winter Like A Pro

Published on 09/24/2019

While wintertime is the most wonderful time of the year, having high heating bills and struggling to keep the house warm is less wonderful. To help you keep your house toasty and warm, we’ve gathered a few tips to prepare your house for the harsh winter months. Don’t wait for the holidays to start to get these things done, make sure your house is ready for anything this winter throws at you.

Prepare Your House For Winter Like A Pro

Prepare Your House For Winter Like A Pro

Doors And Windows

This sounds obvious, but to prevent air leaks in the house, double-check all the windows and doors and seal them. To do this, use some weatherstrip tape or caulk on the windows and seal the doors with draft guards. Doing so will keep the house warmer when heating and as a result, save you money.

The Gutters

Forgetting to clean the gutters can lead to icicles forming from water that’s unable to flow. If the water can’t drain properly, it can cause leaks inside the house as well. We’re sure that’s the last thing you would want in cold winter.

Get A Thermostat

While thermostats can be pricey, they’re more than worth the investment. An adjustable thermostat can save you money in heating, not to mention it allows you to keep the tempurature in the house exactly how you like it.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

During the winter, make sure to turn the direction your ceiling fans go in order to maximize your heating. When the blades turn clockwise, they cause the hot air that collects at the top of the room to flow back down.

Chimney Balloon

If you’re not planning on using your fireplace in the winter, you should use a plastic chimney balloon to keep drafts out and the heat in.

Change The Filters

To keep your heating system working properly, make sure to change the filters on a regular basis. Letting the filters gather dust will just raise your heating bills for no reason.

Flush The Water Heater

With time, particles and sediment can collect at the bottom of your water heater, which can affect its efficiency. To keep this from happening, be sure to flush the water through the drain valve to clear out the heater and ensure things are working smoothly.