Effective Ways To Decorate A Small Room

Published on 04/18/2021

Whether it’s a flatshare or a one-room apartment – fulfilling all these requirements in a small space and still having a nice room is not that easy. Unless you stick to the following setup tips …The general rule is: light and cold wall color visually expand the room. A narrow strip of white under a white blanket conjures up height. Extending a line of sight, playing with open elements, creating secret storage space: It’s unbelievable how much space our tricks can get out of a small bedroom.

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Effective Ways To Decorate A Small Room

Find A Uniform Style

Nothing makes a room look messier and smaller than a mix of different furnishing styles. So if there is only a small room available as a bedroom, it is important to furnish it with a uniform look. Different styles, such as the Scandi look combined with boho chic, on the other hand, can quickly make the room look unsorted. If, on the other hand, you stick to one aesthetic, the room immediately looks much larger, tidier and more elegant.

The Right Color For The Wall

Dark wall colors look very elegant and modern – but they are not suitable for small bedrooms, as they further narrow the space. Bright, friendly colors, on the other hand, visually enlarge the four walls.

Open Elements For More Space

If you want to integrate other pieces of furniture in addition to the bed in the small bedroom, you should opt for open and subtle combination options. An airy bedside table with filigree legs takes the space out of the room and can be combined as wished.

Stay In The Same Color Family

A red pillow, a yellow and a blue-green blanket? In the small bedroom, you should rather avoid such color experiments, as they cause unrest in the room and visually reduce the room. If, on the other hand, everything is designed in one color family, the feel-good place appears more uniform and spacious. Extra tip: If you lack diversity, you can fall back on different materials.

Keep Order In The Bedroom

One trick that gives all small rooms more size is tidiness. If you keep your bedroom tidy and tidy, you can gain a few square meters. If, on the other hand, chaos rules and a wide variety of things are scattered around the room, a bedroom can quickly appear overloaded and small.

High-Quality Textiles For The Bedroom

High-quality textiles and accessories also make a small bedroom look more luxurious and therefore larger and more inviting in the first step. For this reason, you should pay attention to a special selection of decorative elements, especially in small rooms. “Too much” quickly makes the room appear overcrowded.

Create Secret Storage Space

Every place needs a storage room. Even a small bedroom. “Secret” storage spaces are ideal for inconspicuously integrating things such as bed linen, pillows or books into the room. Regardless of whether shelves are hidden behind mirrors or cabinets are raised – there are no limits to the imagination. In this case, the reading material was sorted in the form of magazines parallel to the shelf – the axis of the room is supported – the secret storage space is hardly noticeable.