How To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Published on 09/23/2021

If you set up small rooms cleverly, you can make them look a lot bigger. Therefore, set the priorities correctly and use the available storage space optimally. We’ll tell you the best tips and tricks for making small rooms look bigger.

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How To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Light Colors

A basic rule of interior design is: brightness creates size. You should proceed accordingly in a rather narrow space. Paint the walls and ceiling extensively in light tones, such as white or pastel colors. Avoid using patterns as they prevent the eye from calming down. If too many impressions patter on the viewer, the room also looks cluttered and therefore very cramped. If you paint the ceiling in a different color than the walls, you can optically enlarge the room even further with a simple trick. Do not apply the wall paint all the way to the top, but leave a 10-20 cm wide strip free at the top. Paint this the same color as the ceiling. In this way, the room looks higher and therefore also larger.

Keep It Organized

A tidy and clean apartment is a matter of course for the vast majority. But did you know that order can also have an effect on the eye when it comes to room size? Things lying around carelessly are perceived much more strongly in a small room than in a spacious room. So if there is too much stuff lying around, the room looks much smaller than it already is. To avoid this, you should create enough storage space and always tidy up books, magazines or other things. After all, this not only makes the room look bigger, but you also feel noticeably more comfortable.

Air up

A small room often looks very cramped, not only in terms of its area but also in terms of height. To remedy this situation, you should use rather low models for furnishing furniture as well as shelves and cupboards. For a small room, for example, a slatted frame with a mattress is a much better choice than an expansive bed frame. You should also hang pictures or mirrors in such a way that there is still enough space above. All of these measures ensure that your bedroom appears taller and larger.

Use Mirrors

Not only a mirror image gives the eye the feeling of space, but of course also windows. The light should enter the room as freely as possible. However, it is usually not possible to do without curtains completely in the bedroom, as they protect against unwanted looks. Keep this open throughout the day and simply note the following when hanging it up: Do not place the curtain rod directly above the window, but leave some space in between. If the curtains are pushed aside, they should cover a small part of the window on the left and right. So they do not have a clearly visible end, which suggests more width to the eye. Follow the rest of the furnishings when choosing the material. Single-colored, floor-length curtains optically create the greatest magnification effect.

Stick To One Style

If you want to furnish your home in a trendy way, you have a huge selection of different styles. Country style, shabby chic, and industrial are just three examples that are very popular at the moment. Some of these styles can be combined with one another, but in small rooms, you should opt for one. If you mix in here, the room is quickly overloaded and the eye lacks resting points. This makes the room seem even smaller than it already is, and you want to achieve exactly the opposite.