The Best Decorating Ideas For Tiny Apartments

Published on 03/14/2021

Just because you have a tiny apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look beautiful. In this article, you will find the best decorating tips and tricks, to make your tiny apartment look stunning and even get some extra storage room.

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The Best Decorating Ideas For Tiny Apartments


Separate Areas

The open concept living is very trendy in the interior design industry and loved by many people. However, If your apartment is rather small, you should keep your hands away from this trend. Especially in small apartments it is very important to separate spaces, so it doesn’t seem messy or unorganized. If you live in a studio apartment for example, a great way to create the illusion of space and more than one area is through dividing your room with the help of cabinets or storage. This will make your room look instantly bigger and will also give you extra place to storage your things.

Light Colors

Colors you paint your walls with and decorate your apartment with, have a bigger influence than you might think! In contrast to dark colors, light colors make your apartment look bigger and enlarge spaces. A trick used by many interior designers, is to use three colors. Two light ones for the main space and one dark one for little accents. Great light colors are beige, pastel yellow, crème, light green or light blue.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are a secret weapon when it comes to tiny apartments. Mirrors are not only a great decor accessory, but also will create the illusion, that your apartment is double of its actual size. Try to attach long big mirrors to your doors etc. You will see how this easy decorating trip, will change the whole appearance of your apartment.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Here is another insider when it comes to small apartments- Dual Purpose Furniture. Great dual-purpose furniture pieces are for example sofa beds, beds with incorporated storage room, washing and drying machines in one, or sofas with an integrated table. There are many options to use dual-purpose furniture to make your apartment appear bigger and safe actually gives you extra space.

Create A Great Ensemble

The smaller your apartment, the more important is it, that your decor will fit together. Our eye can only concentrate on so many things at once, therefore it is important to create a nice decor ensemble when decorating a tiny space, so that the viewers eye won’t be overwhelmed and will see the decor as peaceful and creatively pleasing. For this to work, you should focus on a limited color palette, as well as furniture and decor pieces, that tend to have the same style.

Let your room breathe

Another famous trick by interior designers to create more space in tiny places, is the placement of furniture. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you should place your furniture away from the walls and away from each other. This will create more space and will give your visitors the illusion, that your apartment is bigger than it actually is.