Make Your House’s Exterior Spooky And Scary For Halloween With These Tips!

Published on 10/08/2020
Make Your House's Exterior Spooky And Scary For Halloween With These Tips!

Make Your House’s Exterior Spooky And Scary For Halloween With These Tips!

On Halloween, all the neighborhood kids come by trick or treating. Of course, this means that just about the entire neighborhood will be seeing your house, so why not make it exciting for the holiday? You don’t have to only decorate the interior – do the exterior as well! It might seem like a rather daunting task that will take up a large chunk of time, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll be talking about the best ways you can decorate your home’s exterior and make it the best it can be – without spending weeks on it. All you’ll need it a bit of imagination and a few things from the store.

Add A Rustic Charm

A budget-friendly decor idea is making black corn clusters. Aside from adding a rustic touch to your home, it still has a spooky effect. Simply get some ears of corn from the market and spray paint them back before hanging them up outside in clusters.

Snake Wreath

Spook your neighbors with this creepy wrath! Just get your hands on an assortment of plastic snakes and a wreath form. Weave the largest snakes first between the twigs. Repeat until you use all the snakes. Use hot-glue to hold them onto the wreath.


We couldn’t skip over cobwebs! The classic decor will always be a win on Halloween. Just buy a generous amount and play with it – hang some on your windows, spread some over the lawn (just make sure they’re secure and won’t fly away), or drape some over your mailbox!

Ghost String Lights

To add another spooky element to your front lawn, purchase some ghostly string lights (pumpkin ones work too) and hang them around the entrance or the front patio. For the creepiest effect, get white or orange lights.

New Doormat

If you really want to go the extra mile, jump over to Target and get a fitting doormat to use. There are so many great options to choose from, so you’ll have what to get that will match the rest of your decor.

Black Pumpkins

When you want to spice things up a little and add to your classic jack-o-lanterns, try this little craft. Carve some pumpkins however you’d like – you can go simple with polka dot patterns and such. Then, paint them black and place them by your door. It’ll add a lot at night when they’re lit up!

Make Ghosts

To really spook anyone who passes by your house, make your own ghosts to place outside with just cheesecloth, styrofoam mannequin heads, clear glue, and some string. It’s a simple and easy (not to mention – cheap!) craft that will make all the difference to your scary decor. Just imagine how they’ll look flowing in the breeze at night! If you want to make them a little spookier, instead of using styrofoam heads, get fake skulls to place under the cloth.

Hanging Bats

Get some fake bats – they can even be black paper cut-outs if you’d like, and hang them up all around your front door! You can hang them low if you really want to creep out your guests by having to have their heads brush against them.