Make Your House Purrrfect For Your New Cat

Published on 06/30/2019
Make Your House Purrrfect For Your New Cat

Make Your House Purrrfect For Your New Cat

Adopting a cat sounds like an easy task, but there is more to it than one would think. For one, adopting any pet can cost quite a bit of money, not to mention it will take a lot of time and energy to adjust to your new life with your pet. Aside from that, the cat will also need time and space to adjust and get comfortable in its new environment. To get your house ready for your new fur-baby, here are a few things you should do before adopting.


The first thing you need to do before bringing home your new cat is making sure your place is cat-proofed. This mainly means making sure there aren’t things lying around that can harm your kitty, like electronic cables, or glass dishes that can break.

Remove Plants

One thing some people overlook is plants. There are a lot of plants that are toxic to animals, cats included. And although you would think the cat would know not to eat them, they occasionally nibble on things they shouldn’t. So, if you have plants that can harm your cat, consider putting them outside or somewhere the cat won’t get to, like another room with the door closed.

Hide Chemicals

This goes without saying, but chemicals are just as dangerous to cats as they are to humans. Put all your cleaning supplies and other chemicals you might use away. You can put them all in a cabinet – just one that the cat won’t be able to get into.

Strangle Hazards

Another hazard in the house is strangling. For instance, cords on shades can be enticing to cats to play with, but they are highly dangerous. Check the rooms the cat will be in and make sure there aren’t things that can pose a threat to it.

The Essentials

Of course, you need to buy the supplies and essentials before bringing your cat home. This includes food, litter and a box, a bed, a scratching post, and grooming supplies like a brush and clippers.

Single Room

When introducing your kitten to its new environment, take it slow and be patient. Designate a quiet room for the cat to be in for the first few weeks. Put its bed, food, water, and litter box inside along with toys. This will allow the kitty to get used to its new home. You can let it explore the rest of the house slowly over time. Just be sure to give it enough attention and affection so it doesn’t feel neglected.

Hiding Place

In this room, put in some spots the cat can hide in. You can use boxes for this or buy special cat toys and boxes they can hide in. This will make your kitty feel safer during this adjustment period.


While the kitten is exploring the rest of the house, it might get excited and start climbing all the furniture. To make it less prone to do that, you can put a bed for it in each room. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it can be a folded blanket or a pillow. Just a spot for the cat to call its own.


To help you more with the process of adopting a pet, you should purchase a book about cats. It could help you interpret their behavior and understand more about them and how to care for them properly.