5 Phenomenal Home Design Apps You Need To Download If You’re Looking To Re-Decorate

Published on 09/16/2020

When it comes to redecorating your home, there are so many things to consider and decide on. Possibly the most difficult part is trying to envision what the painting color will look like or where to perfectly place the sofa. Have no fear, all you need to do is whip out your phone and downloads these extremely helpful applications. With so many options, there is basically a home app for nearly every process of home design. So scroll through some of the amazing design amazing and get downloading!

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5 Phenomenal Home Design Apps You Need To Download If You’re Looking To Re-Decorate


Houzz is an interior design company that is said to be the top home decor app around. If you’re looking to redesign your home, Houzz is defiantly the way tog go! Whether you’re building, decorating, or remodeling- there’s for sure something for everyone! So what’s included? You can shop from over 10 million products, read reviews, save from featured sales, and even use the View in My Room 3D feature to see what products would look like in your space. Even though it is so easy to use, for those who are feeling slightly overwhelmed there’s an option to hire a designer to help you out.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place is an amazing app that allows you to virtually place true to scale 3D models, all in your very own space. Now you will get a great idea as to how your new coffee table will look in the living room. The is app is one of the easiest and completely user friendly, and what’s even better is that it is completely free and is available on both Android and iOs.


Chairish is an online marketplace for unique and chic art, furniture, and home decor inspiration. For all the design lovers’, this is the perfect app! The company takes care of payment, shipping, and returns for most sales. Listing items is free, and the seller keeps 80 percent of the final sale. Some of the best brands are available on the app, and many have said that it is not only easy to use but so much fun as well.

Color Capture

Color Capture is a color matching application that allows you to snap a photo of anything that you find inspiring, its amazing technology will then give you all its suggested paint options that will match best. Although it may not be exactly perfect, it definitely does give you a perfect starting point and great suggestions. Color Capture is basically Shazam for paint!  You can also share your choices with friends, if you’re looking for a second opinion or if you need advice from a professional interior designer.


Pinterest is undoubtedly the OG of all design apps. With over millions of photos to scroll through, there are tons of ideas and options to choose from. For those who don’t know, Pinterest allows you to discover, share, and organize all your style and design inspiration on to your very own ‘board’. But what’s the best part about it? Well firstly it’s free and secondly, pretty much all of the design and decor is now completely shippable. If you haven’t downloaded Pinterest yet, do it now!